Tentative schedule:

Friday, July 19, 2019

Tales of the Creepy and Scary–
Doors open at 6:00  Bring a library card (from any library) and receive $4.00 off admission. That means hours of entertainment for just $3.00.  Hot dogs, beverages, chips, and desserts available. Local and regional tellers at this event. Plus the library will have their book truck outside the Pump House featuring some scary books. If you don’t have a library card, you can get one right at the Fest!!

Stories at 6:30   For all ages
Intermission at 7:30   Free  ‘Witches brew’
Stories at 7:50  A bit scarier to very chilling

Saturday, July 19, 2019

All performances will be at the Pump House Regional Arts Center.  Doors open at 10:30.

Children’s Performances

Songs and Fun with Sue ad Cindy               11:00-11:45

Activities                                                           11:50-12:15

Teju                                                                    12:20-1:00

Activities                                                            1:00-1:30

Miller and Mike                                                1:35-2:15

Children’s Performance from Activities       2:15-2:25

Afternoon Multi-age Performances

Intermission                                                     2:25-2:35

Megan Wells                                                     2:35-3:30

August Ruprecht (emcee and teller)            3:30-3:45

Michael Reno Harrell                                     3:50-4:45

Teju                                                                    4:45-5:30

August Ruprecht                                              5:30-5:45

LUNA Story Slam                                          5:45-6:30       

Adult Cabaret

Intermission                                                6:30-6:40

Luna winner                                               6:40-6:45

Teju                                                               6:45-7:30

Michael Scott                                              7:30-8:00

Intermission                                               8:00-8:15         Silent auction ends at 8:15

Megan Wells                                               8:15-9:00

Michael Scott                                              9:00-9:15

Michael Reno Harrell                               9:15-10:00