Tentative schedule:

Friday, July 23, 2021

Tales of the Creepy and Scary–
Doors open at 6:00

Diane Breeser, aka Cruella, is the emcee!!

Stories at 6:30   For all ages
Intermission at 7:30  
Stories at 7:40  A bit scarier to very chilling

Saturday, July 24, 2021

All performances will be at the Pump House Regional Arts Center.  Doors open at 10:00.

Children’s Performances on the Arla and John Clements Stage  (times are tentative–check back)

Kay Weeden is the emcee!!

Hans Mayer                                                      10:30-11:00

Isaiah Foster                                                     11:05-11:50

Activities                                                            11:55-12:15

Bil Lepp, featured storyteller                         12:20-1:05

Activities                                                            1:10-1:40

Children’s Performance from Activities       1:45-1:50

Afternoon Multi-age Performances on the Sara Slayton Stage  (times are tentative–check back)

August Ruprecht is the emcee!!

Intermission– music by Ariane Lydon        1:50-2:10

Kevin Kling                                                       2:15-3:00

Intermission- music by Ariane Lydon         3:00-3:15

August Rubrecht (emcee and teller)            3:15-3:30

Kim WeitKamp                                                 3:30-4:15

Intermission- music by Ariane Lydon          4:15-4:30

Bil Lepp                                                              4:30-5:15


LUNA Story Slam                                          5:30-6:15       

Adult Cabaret on the Sara Slayton Stage  (times are tentative–check back)

Michael Scott is the emcee!


Bao Xiong                                                   6:30-6:40

Kim Weitkamp                                           6:45-7:30

Luna Story Slam Winner                          7:35-7:40

Intermission                                               7:40-8:00     Silent auction ends at 8:00

Bil Lepp                                                       8:00-8:45

Kevin Kling                                                  8:50 -9:40