Celtic Stories and Songs on March 12, 2022


Peter Petersilie


Terry Visger




Tom Williams








Gwyn Calvetti


Teri Wachuta

Amy Jo Vanarsdall


Tellers from Tales of the Creepy and Scary  2019

Megan Wells

Peter Petersilie

Emcee Diane Breeser

Mary Cepek









Teri Wachuta

Steve Hardin




Terry Visger








Fun on Saturday 2019


A Luna Story


So much fun!






Music with Sue

Lots of participation!

Suzie Garfield, Luna teller






Erin Johnston, Luna Winner











2018 fund raiser

On July 19, the Festival held a fund raiser at Castle La Crosse on Cass Street. It was a fun and very successful event as you can see by these photos from Joe Theisen.