Terry Visger

(507) 894-4715

Email: talesbyterry@aol.com

Website: www.talesbyterry.com




Terry Visger, storyteller, professional storyteller, University instructor, and former elementary teacher, has been telling stories all her life. Her mom just called them lies. Terry told stories in her own classroom for many years and she now provides storytelling performances for preschool through adult audiences. She also gives workshops for teachers, businesses, and organizations and has a storytelling to writing residency available for elementary aged children.

Terry is also one of the three Boomer Broads, a performance group who combines video, acting, and storytelling to reflect on growing up in the ’50 and 60’s. They have two shows (“Remembering While We Still Can” and “What My Mother Never Told Me”) that were hugely successful in La Crosse and they would love to bring these shows to other areas.